Gymnastics classes near Tooting

Gymnastics Club Near Tooting

Jamies Gymnastics Club near Tooting employs London’s leading gymnastics instructors in a safe and modern environment for kids. Our gymnastics classes challenge, invigorate and motivate children to find and cultivate their inner strength and to develop movement skills that will serve them well throughout their life.

We offer a variety of gymnastics classes based on the child’s age, abilities and long-term goals. Our classes are open to children of all ages including our parent/child classes which help children as young as 3 develop physical confidence in the presence of a loved one.

The Benefits of Gymnastics for Kids

Gymnastics provides a host of short and long-term benefits, including:

Gymnastics promote overall health

Gymnastics provide an outstanding full-body workout that, among other things, promotes the development of strong bones. A strong skeletal system is vital for long term health and developing it as a child will help fend off problems like osteoporosis later in life.

Gymnastics are good for the brain

Gymnastics engage both the left side of the brain responsible for analytical thinking and the right side of the brain that deals with spatial awareness and creativity. Gymnastics are all about coordination and coordination requires both sides of the brain to work together.

Gymnastics are good for the body

Gymnastics is a dynamic sport that requires participants to develop strength, flexibility, speed, coordination and power. It also provides the child with an awareness of the benefits of physical fitness and promotes the development of good habits that will pay handsome benefits later in life.

Gymnastics are fun!

Kids are not likely to stick with something if they experience it as a chore to be endured. Fortunately, gymnastics are great fun. Just watch your child’s face light up when they learn a new move or reach new heights of overall ability.

Visit Jamies Gymnastics Club Near Tooting Today and See for Yourself

Our dedicated and highly experienced staff of more than 50 instructors are ready to help both children and adults alike discover the joys and benefits of this ancient discipline. Stop by our gymnastics club near Tooting today and see why our classes fill up so fast.