Gymnastics classes near Chelsfield

Find the Perfect Gymnastics Class near Chelsfield

Gymnastics are a great way for children to get active and become more in control of their physical prowess. That’s why Jamies Gymnastics Academy encourages children from all-over South-East London and Chelsfield to join our school.

We are passionate about introducing children to the exciting and fun world of gymnastics. All our coaches are trained and qualified to train and teach gymnastics students. If you would like your child to get involved with gymnastics, contact us today.

Our Gymnastics Classes

JGA offers the best gymnastics classes in South East London and Chelsfield. Here are some of our most popular classes:

Parent and Child Classes- What better way to introduce your toddler to mobility than gymnastics classes? These classes are designed to help children exercise their ability to walk. This allows children to understand more about their newfound skills and give them more coordination.

Recreational Classes- Our recreational classes are a fantastic way of introducing children to gymnastics. These exciting and challenging classes motivate children to push themselves and learn about their individual mobility. Children who excel in these classes will be invited to Advanced Recreational Classes so they can further exercise their gymnastics abilities. Our recreational classes will give children the opportunity to participate in our PROgressive medals scheme and British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Programme.

Why Gymnastics?

It’s important that you get your children involved with physical activity. Whether it be sports, dancing or hobbies. We encourage you to choose gymnastics as it ticks all the boxes. Gymnastics teaches children the foundational skills of balance and physical activity, which helps them get more accustomed to their bodies.

Furthermore, gymnastics teaches children transferrable skills like balance and hand-to-eye coordination. This will prove to be beneficial later in life as it sharpens their skills and senses.

Find Your Nearest Gymnastics Class

JGA is proud to bring our gymnastics classes to gymnasts all-over South-East London. If you’re in Chelsfield and you would like your child to join our gymnastics classes, contact us today!