Gymnastics classes near Battersea

Looking For Gymnastics Classes Near Battersea?

If you’re looking for gymnastics’ classes near Battersea, you’ve come to the right place. J’amies Gymnastics Academy is London’s leading gymnastics school and we’re excited to welcome you to our classes!

Here at JGA, we are passionate about spreading the playful art of gymnastics. That’s why we have classes available for children of all ages. Our gymnastics classes are designed to inspire and encourage movement from children so they can develop fundamental movement skills and become physically active. We have 9 academies scattered across South East London, so you’re sure to find a class near you.

Our Gymnastics Classes

Here at JGA, we offer various classes to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a parent-child class or you would like your child to attend recreational lessons, we have the class for you.

Parent and Child Classes- This class is designed for children aged 3 years and up.  This parent-aided class teaches children the fundamentals of gymnastics and allows them to explore their gymnastic abilities. Our parent-child gymnastics class is a great foundation for children to learn the basics of gymnastics.

Recreational Classes- Our recreational classes are for children of all ages and abilities. In our recreational classes, children will have the opportunity to take advantage of our excellent equipment, including Floor, Beam, Bars, Vault, Fast Track, Trampette, Catcher & Mini Track. Our recreational classes will give children the opportunity to participate in our PROgressive medals scheme and British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Programme.

Private Tuition- We offer private tuition to both children and adults. Our private tuition is here to help you advance in your gymnastics journey. These one-to-one lessons are great for perfecting your form and enhancing your skills.

Join Jamies Gymnastics Academy Today

JGA employs more than 50 dedicated coaches who are here to help children and adults alike with gymnastics. Our coaches specialise in different areas of gymnastics so if there’s anything specific you would like to learn or accomplish, we have the coach for you.

If you’re in Battersea and you would like to find your local JGA class, click here.