Gymnastics classes near Swanley

Find your Gymnastics Class near Swanley

Jamies Gymnastics Academy is here to provide South East London locals with fun and exciting gymnastics classes. The playful art of gymnastics is an excellent way of introducing children to mobility and it prompts them to become more active. That’s why we encourage children to join our gymnastics classes.

If you’re in Swanley and you would like your children to take part in gymnastics, contact us today!

Our Gymnastics Classes

JGA offers a range of expert gymnastics classes that are designed for children to learn more about themselves and develop their physical prowess. Here are some of the classes we offer:

Pre School Classes- We offer specialist classes for young children aged 3 and upwards. Our preschool classes prepare children for our recreational classes and impart foundational knowledge of gymnastics. Children will become familiar with equipment and movement which will prepare them for recreational classes.

Recreational Classes- Our recreational classes allow children to explore their physical ability and allow them to begin their gymnastics journey. These classes employ floor beam, bars, vault, fast track, trampette, catcher & mini track. We have created many impressive gymnasts with these classes, and your child could be next.

Private Classes- These classes are for both adults and children. If you would like to take your gymnastics skills to the next level, take a look at our private classes. These classes offer one-on-one training to enhance and develop your gymnastics skills.

Our Other Services

JGA doesn’t just offer classes but other services as well!

Birthday Parties- You can’t go wrong with a gymnastics birthday party. We make it our imperative to provide fun and exciting birthday parties for groups of up to 20.

Ultimate Balanced Lifestyle- This plan is here to motivate you to embark on a healthy lifestyle. The objective of this plan is to educate people on healthier nutritional choices that are sustainable and long-term.

Find Your Nearest Gymnastics Class

We are passionate about delivering the best gymnastic classes in South East London which is why we encourage you to join our school. If you’re in Swanley and you would like to join our school, contact us today.