Gymnastics classes near Streatham

Find the Perfect Gymnastics Class near Streatham

If you’re looking for gymnastics classes near Streatham, take a look at Jamies Gymnastics Academy. JGA has 9 academies across South East London which means you’re sure to find the perfect gymnastics class near you.

Here at JGA, we are passionate about helping children and adults on their gymnastics journey. That’s why we offer a variety of classes for children of all ages so they can explore their gymnastics ability and learn a thing or two about the brilliant world of gymnastics.


Our Gymnastics Classes

Our gymnastics classes are tailored with different needs in mind. Whether you would like a class that teaches your child the basics of gymnastics or if you would like something that allows them to explore their creativity, we have the class for you. Here are some of our popular weekly classes:

Recreational- Our weekly recreational classes teach children the basics of gymnastics. They will learn how to use specialist equipment such as Floor, Beam, Bars, Vault, Fast Track, Trampette, Catcher & Mini Track. Classes typically start off with a warm up and game and then gymnasts will move on to the circuits and apparatus. This class is brilliant for those who wish to start their gymnastics journey.

Tumbling Class- This is our first stage of classes which is designed to encourage children to become more mobile and explore the fundamentals of being physically active. The classes are structured with set educational themes which differ every week. This ensures your child receives a solid education surrounding beginners gymnastics.

Private Tuition- Our private tuition is here to give extra help to those who would like to advance and hone their skills. These classes are for both children and adults. You will be paired with one of our specialist coaches who will guide you through the learning process.

Find You Nearest Gymnastics Class

We employ over 50 coaches who specialise in different areas of gymnastics. So, if you’re in Streatham and you’re looking for the perfect coach and class, you are sure to find it at JGA. Find your local academy with us!