Gymnastics classes near Mottingham

Gymnastics Club Near Mottingham

Our gymnastics classes are designed to invigorate, challenge and engage children of all ages both physically and mentally. If you are having trouble motivating your child or children to be more active consider classes at the JGA Gymnastics Club near Mottingham.

The Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

For thousands of years, gymnastics have helped people get in shape and stay in shape while developing confidence and self-control. The benefits of gymnastics for children are many and include:

Better overall health: Gymnastics help kids develop balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed and power. When kids learn the value of getting and staying physically fit they take that lesson with them the rest of their life.

Enhanced cognitive skills: Gymnastics promote physical coordination and physical coordination engages both sides of the brain. By developing their gymnastic skills kids will quietly be developing their cognitive skills as well.

Greater confidence: An important product of gymnastics classes is the boost to their confidence that kids experience. During class, they will have a chance to socialise with and perform in front of their peers in a supportive environment. The end result will be greater physical and emotional confidence.

Why Choose Jamies Gymnastics Academy?

Jamies Gymnastics Club near Mottingham is part of the leading gymnastics academy in the UK. In fact, we were recently selected “Gymnastics Club of the Year 2023” at the CorporateLiveWire Innovation Awards. Our staff of more than 50 instructors are all dedicated professionals with proven aptitude in gymnastics and copious experience teaching this ancient discipline to children of all ages.

We offer a variety of classes based on age, physical ability, long-term goals and more. We even have parent/child classes for children as young as 3 and Private Tuition for adults who wish to achieve their goals in a comfortable, no-pressure environment.

Visit Our Gymnastics Club Near Mottingham

Kids and parents love our gymnastics classes and they tend to fill up fast. So don’t delay. Sign your child up today for classes at the JGA Gymnastics Club near Mottingham. To learn more use the contact form on this website, email us at, or give us a call on 020 8464 1477.