Gymnastics classes near New Addington

Find the Perfect Gymnastics Class near NEW ADDINGTON

Physical mobility and activity are essential to a child’s development. That’s why J’amie’s Gymnastics Academy offers gymnastics classes near New Addington. Our gymnastics classes are designed to equip children with the necessary foundational skills so they can thrive and flourish in physical activity.

If you’re looking for gymnastics’ classes near New Addington, contact J’amie’s Gymnastics. We offer enjoyable and exciting gymnastics classes.

The Benefits of Children’s Gymnastics

Here at JGA we offer a wide range of classes so you can find the perfect class for your child. Here are some of our popular classes:

Parent and Child- Introducing your child to physical mobility in their earliest stages is beneficial in the long run. Our parent-child classes are for parents with children of up to 3 years old. These classes allow toddlers to explore their physical mobility; from learning how to walk independently to basic gymnastics skills. This gives parents and children the opportunity to bond over the child’s newfound skill!

Recreational Classes- Our recreational classes are for children aged 5-12 years old. These classes give children the opportunity to learn about gymnastics using specialist equipment. This includes floor, beam, bars, vault, fast track, trampette, catcher & mini track. Children will be allowed to practice and perform their skills, boosting their confidence.

Freestyle- Freestyle classes give children the freedom with gymnastics skills. This allows children to explore their bodily movements and see their capabilities.

These are just some of the gymnastics classes we have available. Check out our other gymnastics classes and see which one suits you.

and see which one suits you.

Our Other Services

We offer other services outside of gymnastics for children so that everyone can benefit from our school. Here some other services that might be of interest:

Private Tuition- Our private classes are available to people of all ages. These classes will help you or your child elevate your gymnastics journey.

Birthday Parties- Our academy is a wonderful place to host birthday parties. It gives children the opportunity to let loose and have fun!

Find Your Nearest Gymnastics Class

If you’re looking for gymnastics’ classes near New Addington, contact J’amies gymnastics today. We are here to help your child begin their gymnastics journey.