To be a member of JGA, you must first create an account via the ‘parent portal’ link above.  Please ensure you complete your account fully including payment information.

You can then search for the most suitable class/location for you and if we have a space in the class, you can request a free trial.  If the class is currently full, you can request to be added to the waiting list.  We will then approve your request and you will be sent an email to confirm your booking.

Following your child’s trial session, unless we hear otherwise, you will automatically be enrolled into the class to start the following week.  The class fees for the remainder of the month will be debited to the card saved on your account along with JGA Club Membership.

Class fees are payable monthly on 1st of each month.  You will be sent a statement 3-5 days beforehand to inform you of the balance on your account.  Payment will be taken automatically and if this declines, an email will be sent to you to inform you of this.  You must then arrange payment to be made BEFORE your child’s next session.  Any families with an outstanding balance after 72 hours will be charged a £10 late fee.


When you join JGA, you will pay JGA Club Membership at a cost of £16.  This is payable annually and affiliates your child with JGA for the upcoming year.  This payment is non refundable.


Every gymnast must be registered with British Gymnastics and hold current insurance.  New rules have now come into place which states that all members will need to register themselves online with British Gymnastics and pay for their own insurance.

When you search for your child’s club, please type in ‘JGA Group’ and select any location

Please click here to register with British Gymnastics


If you wish to cancel classes with us, please email cancellations@jgagroup.co.uk or give us a call.  We require 30 days notice so any monies due will be payable before we cancel your account.  Your child can attend classes with us as normal during their cancellation period.

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